magical cinnamon rolls

I’ve made these twice now, and let me tell you that they really are magical!  The first time I tested the recipe and shared with Greg’s worship team volunteers, neighbors, my parents, and still froze two pans.  Did I mention the recipe makes 7 pans of incredibly buttery, sweet, deliciousness?  I told you they were magical.  This time, I made them to take to the in-laws Christmas day.  Greg’s brothers huddled around them fresh from the oven, and agreed.  They think they are lovely, too (which I interpreted from their groans).

I highly recommend adding this recipe to your “need to make soon” list.  Really, the whole website is full of great recipes.  We love everything we’ve made from it so far, including: this wonderful casserole, and chocolate and sea salt truffles.  Enjoy!





2 responses to “magical cinnamon rolls

  1. Brad

    ummmm….. yes they are magnificent! Thank you for sharing!

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