my hero

“If I tell you something, do you promise not to flip out?” are the first words my husband spoke to me when he got home from work late last night.   He really should have heard my answer before telling me anyway.  I would have said no, for the record.  He shouldn’t have told me.  He commenced anyway, “When I put the garage door up to pull in, I saw a mouse run in the garage.”  Yikes.  I had immediate flash backs to when we lived in the infamous “mouse house” in our early months of marriage, as some of you remember.  Personally, I wish I didn’t remember that house.  I think that is why I was so grossed out, livid, and ready to wage war at 10:00 p.m.  Less than thrilled about waging war at 10:00, I was told that I probably wouldn’t see it in the morning, and that he’d take care of it before he left for work. 

Fast forward to this morning.  I am ready to take my things out to the car, load up the babe, and head to work.  I took a deep breath before opening to door that goes to the garage, told myself that I wouldn’t see it and I scurried to my car.  Then, I turn around, and see that little varmint standing inches from the door to our house.  I screamed, stomped my foot at him, and watched him run under my car before I ran inside.  I don’t demand many things, but I made a demand at 6:30 this morning (that I even realized at the time was totally ridiculous, but didn’t care).  I was not going back to the garage until that thing was gone.  Dead, chased away, I didn’t care, I just wanted it gone.  Possible solutions included: sleepy husband backing my car out of the garage, or sleepy husband “taking care of it” one way or another.    I really expected to get laughed at and called a wimpy city girl, as he rolled over and pulled the covers over his head.  He must have realized how distraught I was, and armed with a Swiffer mop, my hero (possibly future hockey player) took care of the situation. 

Add another reasons why I’m thankful for my farm boy hubby:

1. adventerous childhood stories

2. can fix anything

3. has been driving since he was 6 (see #1)

4. will kill a mouse at 6:30 in the morning for his irrational wife


2 responses to “my hero

  1. sarah

    Hilarious! I only wish I’d seen you yelling and stomping at the mouse this morning. =) And I’m going to assume (and hope??) that Greg killed the thing and didn’t shoo it across the street…eek!

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