dad is great

Today I kept thinking of Bill Cosby’s stand up routine where he tells the story about being sent downstairs by his wife to make breakfast for the children.  Thinking it’s outrageous to eat at 6:00 in the morning he ends up allowing his children to have chocolate cake (realizing that it has eggs and milk in it) and grapefruit juice for breakfast.  The kids begin singing his praises, “Dad is great, gives us chocolate cake!”

I don’t know about you, but this most definitely sounds like something my dad would do, but maybe that’s just because he has world’s biggest sweet tooth.

I love all the stories that both of our dads can share about raising children and the ride that it is.  I know in the future we will have many memories and stories to share about being parents, probably even give our children chocolate cake for breakfast at least once or twice… I look forward to those moments as a family but today, I am so thankful for both of our dads, and everything they have taught us that has made us who we are.  These two are the cream of the crop I tell you.

And this guy?  Well, Oscar and I sure are two lucky ducks.

Happy Father’s Day!


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