maggie’s farm

It is no secret that my farm raised hubby and I long to live in the country… although I was both excited and a bit terrified when he recently said he wanted Oscar to have the same experiences he did growing up.  Those of you that know the stories of him driving the farm truck around age 7, burning a barn down, and camping with buddies know why.  While I can maybe do without those experiences (at least go without knowing about them), we do want him to be able to run, play, have adventures, and pee outside until his heart’s content.

We don’t necessarily need anything as big as the 80 acres he grew up on, but we would like to have maybe 5-10, a monster garden, some cows, and if I get my way maybe even a few goats or sheep.  Back to reality, our little piece of land is about .25 acre in the middle of town.  While we love our current house, we like to daydream about country life.

We’ll get there someday, but for now I’m really enjoying my town “garden.”

And the help isn’t bad either…


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