monkey see, monkey do

This picture is 100 kinds of awesome for a few reasons:

1. See Guitar Boy’s face?

2. See the babe’s face?

3. When Guitar Boy came home in his lumberjack plaid shirt, the babe ran to the couch (where a stack of folded baby laundry was), grabbed this sweatshirt, tugged on the sleeves of the shirt he was wearing and whimpered… so we put it on him not thinking too much of it.

4. When Guitar Boy changed, the babe immediately pulled on the sleeves of this sweatshirt and whimpered to take it off.  Think someone wants to be just like his daddy, already?  It is a good thing I think his dad is pretty rad, or else I’d be less than enthusiastic.

We’re no longer just mimicking animal sounds, folks… this boy gets it.


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