while we can

We’re absolutely loving the beautiful fall weather we’ve had in Indiana lately… but the days are winding down when we can enjoy playing outside, drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, and waving to Daddy as he mows.

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We are definitely soaking up these last moments for the year, before we have to hunker down.

Speaking of hunkering, remember February?  In a weird way, I always look forward to winter, wondering if we’ll get snowed in, and the late night driveway shovels with a certain someone.  Until February, that is.  What it boils down to, is that Indiana (and experiencing all of the seasons) is tops.

True or false:  The Frazees are already listening to Christmas music?  Well if you had this cd, you’d be listening to it in October too.  Go buy it and listen to it nonstop until Christmas.  I promise, you won’t be tired of it in December.


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