halloween recap

We had fun walking around the neighborhood with friends on Monday night.  Oscar sat in his stroller and watched the big boys trick-or-treat for a while, but our super social smooshy just couldn’t stay sitting on the sidelines for too long.  He eventually threw a mild protest to break free.

We eventually let him walk on the sidewalk with the big boys, which was all he wanted, that and maybe some candy.  Maybe next year.  He loved the attention he got from everyone, surprise, surprise.  He even wanted to go up to a spookily decorated house complete with strobe light and mask.  I hate masks with every fiber of my being, especially the one this guy was wearing, so if he’s ever into loving creepy movies and things I’m out.  Then again, that house was handing out full size candy bars if you didn’t chicken out before the guy in the mask jumped at you.  There’s always next year, little buddy.  For both of us.


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