big big garden + golden retriever = someday

Strawberries have always been a favorite of mine. Just ask my mom, who recalls me as a toddler going to our family’s garden with a bucket of water, to sit at the edge of the patch, wash berries, and eat. So Friday I was very excited to visit Spencer Farms and pick 5 pounds of strawberries as a family. This yielded us enough for a double batch of super easy but super awesome jam. We even had plenty extra to snack on. We were pushing it, being near to the end of the season, but found plenty of beautiful berries to be picked.

This place is kind of perfect. The fruit smell filled the air, friendly people everywhere on the grounds, and an older man riding to around and greeting people on a 4-wheeler with a handsome golden retriever along for the ride. I’m convinced you couldn’t be in a bad mood there. As I picked I daydreamed about my own gigantic garden of the future (complete with 4-wheeler and golden retriever) and how strawberries will definitely have a decent amount of space devoted to them.

Our field trip also allowed me to cross two things off the list. If you’re in the area, I recommend the drive up there. Blueberry season is right now, but they have been so busy they halted picking for a few days. Given how the little man devours “boo berries” I’m thinking another trip might be necessary. Definitely come red raspberry time!


One response to “big big garden + golden retriever = someday

  1. Letters to My Spouse

    Those strawberries look DELICIOUS!

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