to infinity and beyond

After a recent “family movie night” where Toy Story was featured, someone is now obsessed.  This might also have a little to do with the fact that his two bigger buddies across the street love of Buzz and Woddy too, and Oscar sure looks up to them.  He currently asks to watch his newly beloved movie multiple times a day, even after I’ve said no what seems like a million times.  (This kid is real persistent.  I wonder where he gets that?)

Here’s a little peak of tonight’s activity of choice for a good 30 minutes:

While I know all kiddos go through their phases, and he could come back to him tomorrow with renewed excitement, I must admit I kind of miss a certain blue engine.  Stop growing up, O. Bobby.


One response to “to infinity and beyond

  1. sarah

    Ha! Love it! I wonder how many times he watched Ben do that identical jump off of our couch…

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