making daddy proud

Fridays are Greg and Oscar’s “daddy days” together.  Greg typically asks O on a Thursday night what he wants to do tomorrow.  Usually it just has something to do with getting donuts, but last Thursday he said “I want to go golfing.”   Greg has taken him a couple of times just to the putting green for 20 minutes or so (when I was in the first trimester he took him a few times when I think he could tell I needed a little nap after school if I was going to make it to dinnertime) but this was the first time Oscar asked to go.  I thought Greg was going to cry.  I think they both had a blast… and from the looks of things, we may have a good little golfer on our hands.


One response to “making daddy proud

  1. Barbara K. Smith

    Uncle Sonny will be proud too. He wanted all his grandsons to take up golf so they could go professional. Best of luck to “O” and to Greg too. Hope all is well with you Maggie. barb.

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