freezing festive family fun

While it was 60 and sunny on Thanksgiving, yesterday was 35 and quite windy… sounds like perfect weather to find and cut down the perfect tree, right?  We knew it was chilly, but the wind made it quite a challenge for all of us to spend too much time out bundled up while hunting, but we did find the perfect one.  Because we were all froze to the bone, on a mission, and someone had to potty, we didn’t get a picture of us all in front of it before cutting it down…but here are a few of our family fun time in the cold.

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Since putting it up yesterday morning, each time Oscar wakes from a nap or in the morning he is amazed by his “new tree” and their “cool lights”.  Even though it is only November 24, already Christmas through his eyes is truly magical.  I thought that we loved Christmas, but I double-dog-dare you to be a Scrooge around this fella.


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