optical illusion

Only in Indiana can you have 60 degree days like yesterday, followed by 30 degree days like today. Knowing how rare days like yesterday are we took full advantage of it yesterday afternoon. While the hubs was at church, Oscar and I played football, basketball, and went for a little walk/ride with his “car” (Which he looks like a giant on… a Big Wheel is on the list for birthday present ideas, which he’ll love zipping up and down the sidewalk on)

It’s not everyday that you can come in at dinner needing a bath and smelling like fresh air in January! I had to drag the boy inside.
Then there’s today: cold and rainy. After church he came straight in and wanted to play Legos. But while I was making his lunch he ran into Evelyn’s room, which he occasionally does for a few seconds to check things out. He was in there a few minutes and this is what I found:


He then proceeded to drag out a bunch of baby toys and the play mat, asking, “Is this mine?” We talked about how it was when he was a baby but now he’s going to share those things with his baby sister. He seemed really excited to share with her, saying “That’d be fun!” at the idea. I hope he’s still as excited about sharing in March!


It’s an optical illusion with all the baby toys that make him look so big, right? Please say yes.


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