sew cute

Tonight I whipped out a quick and easy blanket for baby Evelyn (which made me feel better about my crochet blanket taking me an eternity to finish).  I feel like this is the perfect weight to throw over the car seat in the unpredictable spring months, as it is heavier than a receiving blanket but lighter than the crochet one will be.

It isn’t fancy.  It isn’t perfect.  It is however, made with lots of love!


Here’s the pattern.  Easy.  Quick.  Perfect for getting me back into the sewing saddle and building my sewing confidence.

Next on the docket:

bloomers from this book 

super simple leggings

leg warmers from old knee high socks

Once I have some confidence I may finally try my hand at some of the other cute things that I am “Pinterested” in including: linen pants for Oscar, a maxi dress for Mama, etc.  After a few of those projects, I’ll move on to all those super cute summer sundresses that will be more of a challenge.  Baby steps.


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