rainy day craft

With rain in the forecast yesterday through Thursday, I decided yesterday was a good day to go get a few little craft projects to have on hand to do with Little Foot. He loved walking around the craft store, picking out the activities to do together. It was too cute!

Someone decided to skip their nap, so after I pouted for a minute or two I embraced “no nap Tuesday” and got in some extra Oscar time (that I have been missing lately). Yesterday’s craft of choice: painting sun catchers on a rainy day. That totally makes sense, right?

Oscar went from “I can’t do it!” to “I’m good at this game, Mommy!” in no time. He really got into it and was so proud of himself.

admiring his workImage

I bought 6 sun catchers (thinking they’d last us 6 rainy days), and a couple other inexpensive projects to do. Someone got on a roll and painted 3 of them. At 59 cents each, and with the fun we both had, these little babies were more than worth it.

Seeing how much he enjoyed this, I’m excited to pick up other fun projects for us to do together soon.

I’m loving the print below. I’m thinking it needs to go above the art table in his room. Who says crafts are just for girls? 🙂



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