If it hasn’t been raining, we’ve been outside these days.  The beautiful weather has been wonderful but has resulted in a laundry backup, and lack of blog updates.  Sorry grandmas.  Here’s an update on a few things we’ve been up to.  

We’ve spent our time in the last week playing at the park and playground.


We’ve gone to the zoo with friends, twice! 

Someone has developed quite a fascination with maps.


We’ve eaten several popsicles.


When told he was so messy….


“It don’t makes me messy…and makes me so sad… and cry, cry, cry.”  

I don’t know.  

And needless to say, there have been many baths.  

ImageIt is no wonder Oscar has a hard time going to sleep each night… we’re having so much fun during the day that he doesn’t want the fun to stop!  



One response to “lately

  1. He is such a cute little boy and is so happy with a wonderful momma and dad that do so much fun things with him. Hope to see Evelyn one of these days. barb.

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