quit trying to grow up

When we tell Oscar he can’t do something, his typical reply is, “When I get bigger?”  We’ve had these conversations about crossing the street, swimming without a ring, riding his bike in the street, and today’s (which is maybe my all time favorite) eating popcorn for breakfast.  

Oscar also seems to really want Evelyn to enjoy everything that he is.  He’s asked if he can give her many treats, and of course when we tell him no, he replies “When she gets bigger?” 

The conversation before this sweet moment the other night:

O: Mommy, can Evelyn have a popsicle too?

M: No buddy, she’s not big enough.  She doesn’t even have teeth yet.

O: Oh…It’s ok Evelyn (insert head pats).  When you get bigger, you will have teeth, and you can have a popsicle too!



Oscar, please quit trying to make you and your sister grow up any faster, please and thanks.


One response to “quit trying to grow up

  1. sarah

    I think this is definitely my favorite picture you have taken of the two of them so far. SOO stinkin’ cute!! It’s a ‘framer’ for sure!

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