staycation 2013

Today we concluded Staycation 2013. We spent a week out at my parents’ house with my sister and brother-in-law, relaxing and enjoying some time together. We swam lots, rotated cooking meals (maybe my favorite was poolside bacon and eggs), played some lawn games, snuggled and had our annual seafood boil.20130714-094645.jpg


Oscar loves the “hot pool” (but only in small doses)


a little blurry, but that look is too cute


Probably my favorite part of the week was seeing the huge strides Oscar made in the pool. Prior to the last week, Oscar would only jump in from the side and you had to be holding his hands. Then, this happened… and happened, and happened.


I got several cute videos from the week of Oscar jumping in the pool, playing golf in the yard, and today driving a Power Wheel around at a family reunion. I’ll try to get those up here tomorrow, so stay tuned for those.


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