master chef in the making

Oscar loves to help.  With anything, really.  He really likes to help cook though.  This makes both of us quite happy as I have always loved cooking, and Greg has become quite the cook himself.  It is a skill we want both of our kiddos to be comfortable doing and enjoy. 

I planned for yesterday to be a bit of a baking day.  The weather was begging for open windows and lots of baking during nap time.  I knew I wanted to make some gluten free cookies for a coworker’s birthday (don’t worry, this girl will always love her gluten, but the coworker can’t have it).  We had to stop at the store for a few things after preschool.  When I put chocolate chips in the cart, Oscar said, “Mom, when we get home, can we eat these?  I don’t want to put them in anything though.”  When we got home and I put our groceries away, the muffin wrappers fell out of the cabinet.  Oscar asks, ” You gonna make me ’nuffins’ Mommy?”  How can you say no to that?  I’ll tell you, you can’t.  Plus, after making such healthy cookies, I was really wanting something tasty and not necessarily healthy.  

This boy has always loved muffins, insert flashback.  I like that I can make them somewhat healthy sometimes and he has no idea, especially if I make mini muffins.  I think it is because they’re too cute to be healthy.  He absolutely loved making (and eating) these, thanks to some zucchini from a friend’s garden.   

ImageImageImageI even saved the boy a few chocolate chips in the bottom of the bag.

ImageSomeone was feeling a little left out.  Or she wanted some chocolate chips too.  Hard to tell.  

ImageHang tight, Little Mama.  You’ll enjoy baked good soon enough.  Let’s just stick with rice cereal for now.  

And who knows.  Maybe one of them will be on Junior MasterChef someday.  Yes, its really a show.  Yes, I love Gordon Ramsay.  Yes, I plan to watch it.  


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