cute things this week

1. Oscar is adamant that the IU shirt Greg got me for my birthday is his.

ImageHis attempt at the I-U motions:


I’d say it is time to get the kiddos’ their own IU shirts for the year.

2. Evelyn is using a sippy cup.  The term “using” is pretty loose.  She mostly chews on the handles for now, but it is still cute when she does get a few drops of water and coos like crazy.  She has also tried (and loves) peas, carrots, bananas, and apples.  Sometime this week we’ll try sweet potatoes.


picture of the above happy baby taken before the 5-shot fever set in that we’re currently dealing with

3. Evelyn had a tooth pop through!  This could add to the fever and all around crud she’s dealing with.  Picture to come when there’s more to see.

4. We had some painting time as a trio after Evelyn went to bed.


crazy sprinkler by Oscar

Imagehouse by Maggie

Someone got a little lost in painting, and continued long after the other two were done and off playing something else.  It was cute.


mountains by a proud Greg

I hope you’re all having a good week!


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