10 months (and not 10 months)

IMG_0502Now that Evelyn is mobile, getting her monthly picture in Grandma Hazel’s chair has become more of a challenge.  She started off ok…

IMG_0504 IMG_0508 IMG_0506 IMG_0512then Little Greggie quickly got the wiggles,

IMG_0505 IMG_0507and had to do her new fake laugh a few times.

IMG_0513Big brother had to get in on the action too, of course.

IMG_0526 IMG_0534 IMG_0535At 10 months:

Evelyn likes saying “uh-oh”, green smoothies, fake laughing (must catch on video soon), terrorizing her brother by chewing on his toys, and feeding herself avocados, carrots, and bananas.

Evelyn dislikes when her smoothie is all gone, and keeping socks on.

At (not) 10 months:

Oscar likes being a ham, pretending (playing pirates, jail, dinosaurs, Star Wars guys), superheroes, and playing Wii.

Oscar dislikes quiet time, and when I put “leaves” in his smoothie.


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