conversations with oscar

As I make our daily smoothies…

Oscar: Are there leaves in there?


Oscar:  I don’t want leaves in my smoothie.


At the doctor’s office…

Oscar:  I have a baby in my belly too!  See?


Trying to be extra clever, and get extra Wii time…

Oscar:  Mommy, playing Wii is my work.

Maggie:  It is?

Oscar:  Yes, and I have lots of work to do.


Wanting to move on to play something else…

Maggie:  We need to clean this mess up before we make another one.  Go put this toy where you got it from.

Oscar:  runs away for about .5 seconds

Maggie:  Did you put it back in its home?

Oscar:  Yep!

Maggie:  gives the total “mom eye”

Oscar:  You don’t need to go check, though.


Anytime he is up to no good…

Oscar:  You don’t need to worry about meeeeee!


When he asks, about 25 times a day, where Daddy is…

Maggie:  Daddy is at work.

Oscar:  So he can bring home some bacon?


A repost of this picture…  I love it (totally posed himself), but hate how grown he looks.  This kid, he’s something else!

IMG_0481 - Version 2


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