conversations with oscar

Randomly while playing…

Oscar:  Mommy and Daddy are kind of cute.


I think this was when he was trying to say “I don’t know”…

Oscar?  I can’t really know me.


While trying to explain why he’s scared at night (while overly tired)…

Oscar:  I can’t sleep because I’m scared.

Maggie:  Then you can look at a book, pray, or think about happy things.

Oscar:  But Mom…praying doesn’t work.



Coming out of his room, after being put down 45 minutes earlier…

Oscar:  (pointing finger)  You guys are great.

Maggie:  (turns away to hide laughter)

Greg:  (meaning business)  Buddy, go back to bed, now.

Oscar:  You’re great guys.


After I shocked him while playing in his room…

Oscar:  Ouch!  You fuzzed me!


The following is a series of questions Oscar has asked me in the car this last week.  They always start the same way…

Hey Mom?  Why is there grass?

Hey Mom?  If the sun, moon, and stars went away, wouldn’t it be dark?

Hey Mom?  If you don’t have teeth, can you talk?

Hey Mom?  If I wasn’t with you, would you know where I was?



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