another one?

It has been a rough couple days for little Evelyn.  What we thought was caused by teeth, turned out to also be a rather nasty ear infection.  Every time she has been working on teeth, the same thing happens, our little snoozer (that has been a champ of a sleeper since about 4 weeks old) wakes up at night and doesn’t nap as well.  This, naturally, wears everyone out.

ImageHer best sleep (and today her only sleep) has happened in my arms.  I hate that she’s been sick, but will take all the extra snuggles I can get.


This champ holds the current record for high temps in this house, spiking to a whopping 103.6 but we are keeping fingers crossed that a prescription for a hefty antibiotic is going to kick this beast of an ear infection quickly, that she is done with this vicious month long cycle of ear infections, and that nobody ever reaches that high again.


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