i can do it myself

If only I could read Evelyn’s mind.  I’m sure that’s what she’d be saying at every meal if she could.  

She is incredibly independent when it comes to eating.  If it didn’t come off my plate, or if she can’t feed it to herself, she’s only interested in a couple bites before batting the spoon away.  We’ve developed a trick or two, like giving her a finger food and poking bites of baby food in between, but she would much rather feed herself any day.  Insert the season of the pouch.  I remember a phase with Oscar when I always had one of these babies on me, especially out and about.  I picked some up to throw in the diaper bag as snacks or in an emergency, but decided to let her try one out at home today.  She’s a fan!  



She does feed herself most of the time (favorites being any kind of bread/pasta, avocados, blueberries and steamed carrots/peas).  This of course means lots of baths.  



As much as she loves baths, I’m beginning to think it’s all a conspiracy.  


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