ready, set, soccer!

Last night was Oscar’s much anticipated first soccer practice.  He loved it!


He met his coach and teammates.


They stretched.ImageThey ran several drills that were quite entertaining to watch.


Evelyn loved watching big bro play too.


I think this is going to be a great experience for Oscar.  His coach seemed like he’s going to make this lots of fun, but also can teach them a lot.  It was good to see them run a few drills so we know how to play at home with his soccer stuff from Nana and Mamaw.  Oscar did pretty well, although a couple times he had a hard time paying attention to his coach as he was way too tempted to go score a goal.  Oh, and we also need to remind him that you can’t just sit on the ball when you don’t want someone to take it away from you.  He has one more practice before his games start on the 12th.  All in all, we are all looking forward to a fun (and quite entertaining) season of 4 year old soccer.  



2 responses to “ready, set, soccer!

  1. Cute! Looks like he’s going to have his pick of the ladies too!

  2. sarah

    I’m not sure who ffbguru is…my hubby maybe? This is Sarah 2…

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