conversations with oscar

Eyeing the chocolate bunny in Evelyn’s Easter basket…

Oscar:  My sister can’t have chocolate…can she?


Oscar:  Can she?  Can she?  I can eat it for her if you want me to.

Maggie:  Well, that’s very nice of you to offer.

Oscar:  I know.  


Playing with the sticks that hold his tent up…

This is after he walked around holding them like Elmer Fudd and said he was hunting.  Reminded me of the “props” bit on Whose Line is it Anyway?


Taking me by surprise…

Oscar:  I want you to make some of those kale chip things with dinner.

Maggie:  (faints)


Showing off one of the many things he’s learning at BSF…


Heartbroken that we were going to clean out some toys…

Maggie:  We are going to get rid of this.

Oscar:  Noooooooo!

Maggie:  It is broken.  

Oscar:  Everyone forgets about me.



Randomly quoting Turbo…

Oscar:  So classy!


Giving Tom Jones a run for his money…

Apparently this is on Turbo, also, although I’m not entirely sure.  I do know we don’t jam to Tom Jones around the house, so it is from somewhere else.  Hilarious nonetheless.  


After his bath last night…

Oscar:  I am so handsome.

Maggie:  You are, and very humble.

Oscar:  Yeah.  



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