silly for spring

As much as Oscar loves his Legos, Lincoln Logs, and “screen things”, I can assure you he likes being outside even more, and has from day one.   If only he didn’t deal with doggone allergies so bad this time of year, I think we’d just about live outside.

Now, having a mobile one, and a scary goose that has returned for the 3rd year to lay eggs at the bottom of our yard by the pond, I am even more thankful for our fenced in backyard.  I’ve already called that I will surely go into labor pitching the ball to Oscar out back.  Not anytime soon, just calling it.

IMG_4466IMG_2535-2IMG_5686IMG_9257 - Version 2IMG_1936

We’ve had a handful of perfect spring days so far that really make me look forward to lots more.  Here are some phone pictures from the last week or so of kiddos playing outside while I rotate between playing and putting my feet up and enjoying a snack with some ginger beer.

photo 2

I think Oscar would maybe be done with the water table, if he didn’t have a new buddy who loves it as much as he once did.



Miss Evelyn is fiercely independent, and I love it. She was a total mess after eating a popsicle yesterday, but blissfully happy (once I gave in and let her hold it), and it wasn’t anything a bath and a little bleach in the next load of whites couldn’t fix.  Image

Someone is working on stealing my summer reading spot.


Here’s to countless hours outside, and many more memories playing baseball, bubbles, chalk, soccer, and the random games one creative 4 year old makes up.


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