soccer week 6

When we showed up to the game today, and saw that the other team was also in black, and that Batman was hanging on their goal, we thought this could make for an interesting game for the Gorillas.  Turns out, it doesn’t matter if they’re all in the same color, because everyone is just huddled around the ball, and there’s definitely no passing happening in U4 soccer.  Oscar also thought it was cool that their team mascot was Batman, but that didn’t make him want to score a goal there like we’d thought it would.

Oscar started the game getting in there and going after the ball lots.

Then a couple boys on the other team, who had spent the first half wrestling each other, began tackling some of the boys on our team, Oscar included.  There was a minute when Greg and I wondered if Oscar was going to haul off and slug the kid back, but he returned to his “I’m just going to stay back here, away from the ball” attitude.  It must be confusing.  We teach them to not hit or push then sign them up for soccer at 4 years old, where all the other kids are playing really rough and encourage them to get in there.

He got one goal today, was very proud of himself, and equally excited for his post-game slushy and M&Ms.


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