outside routine

These days, when we play in the back yard, the routine is always the same.

1. We play water table.

Image2. Oscar gets hot, and dunks his head in said water table.


3. Evelyn goes in and out from the porch approximately 258 times and Oscar scolds her if she pushes on the screen.

ImageImage4. Popsicles all around.


Between myself being very pregnant, Evelyn teething, and Oscar just plain liking them, we’ve consumed an obscene amount of popsicles already this spring.  Don’t judge.  

5. Some kiddos rip their hair clip out, and freak out when their popsicle is all gone.


6. Other kiddos get a little crazy, then crash.    ImageImage7. Go inside to put the baby down for a nap, maybe have another popsicle with the big one, and snuggle.




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