henry franklin

Introducing, Henry Franklin Frazee!  He was born at 10:04 p.m. Friday, May 30th, at 7 lbs 5 oz, and 20 inches long.

We’ve always loved the name Henry.  Franklin was my grandpa’s middle name, who I am certain would have been head over heels in love with this little guy.  So far we are mostly calling him Henry, but he’s already lovingly earned the nicknames Hank, Baby Henry, and Hank Frank.


I had been having contractions for a couple nights earlier in the week.  They were pretty consistent at about 15 minutes apart, but not too painful, and would stop when I would go to bed.

At my appointment on Friday, my doctor was confident that we’d have a baby by the weekend.  Immediately after leaving her office, my contractions ramped up in discomfort and were consistently 8-10 minutes apart.  Greg was at home with the kids, and waiting for me to get home so he could go to a work lunch.  I told him that I was pretty sure we’d be having a baby before the day was over, but initially thought there’d be plenty of time for him to go to his lunch, I’d be fine laboring at home with two kids, and encouraged him to go.  I quickly changed my mind, and was happy he decided to cancel and finish up packing.

A friend came over to stay with our kiddos, and off we went to the hospital around 4.  First things first, we stopped for ice cream.

photo 1-3

We are so thankful for all of our friends and family that love our kiddos and made themselves available.

photo 3-3

When we got to the hospital I feared they’d send me home, and I’d feel silly on my third go around, not knowing if I was in active labor or not.  Thankfully, they decided to keep me.  Immediately after the relief of hearing I’d be staying, we were informed that his heart rate was dropping significantly during contractions, and this was a concern to them as I was still in the early stages of active labor.  Because of all of this, they wanted to start fluids and get my epidural in right away in the event that I would have to have a c-section.  Changing positions helped some, but it still dipped pretty low occasionally so they watched it pretty closely.

We passed time hanging out with my mom and grandma, watching the (sad) Pacers game, and singing the praises of epidurals. IMG_2353

Eventually they made the decision that his heart rate had been stable long enough to rule out a c-section, which was a huge relief.  Once they decided it was go time, he was here in a jiffy.   One contraction and 2 pushes later, and I was holding our perfect little man.  He didn’t get worked up to more than a whimper for the longest time.  He even tolerated his first bath without a peep.

IMG_2449 IMG_2389 IMG_2381 IMG_2428 IMG_2439IMG_2412 - Version 2photo 4-2photo 5-2

The rest of our time at the hospital was spent snuggling, visiting with family and friends, napping, and being amazed that he was actually here!

photo 2-1photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-1 photo 3-2IMG_2593 photo 4 photo 5-1IMG_2577 IMG_2580 IMG_2455

Missing the other two so badly, we were thrilled to get to come home Sunday night!


The sweetest of it all was when Oscar and Evelyn got to meet their baby brother!

IMG_2619 IMG_2621Evelyn likes to pat the top of his head, say “uh-oh” when his pacifier falls out of his mouth…then she goes for his eyes, so you have to play good defense when she’s around.  She’ll learn…right?


Oscar is obviously smitten with Henry.  He held him for long periods of time in the hospital, and since we’ve been home.  Right after meeting him, Oscar told me, “Mommy, I like your new baby!”  I’ve also heard him whisper to Henry countless times, “I love you, baby.”  It is officially the sweetest thing ever.  Last night he even wanted to read him some books before bed.

IMG_2559 IMG_2561 IMG_2567 IMG_2571 IMG_2586 IMG_2593 IMG_2589photo 5photo 3photo 2photo 1We are so thankful for an easy delivery, healthy baby, and thrilled to be a party of 5!





4 responses to “henry franklin

  1. Sandy Frazee

    What a precious family of 5! You make me a very proud momma! Oh how blessed we are to have such a very close and loving family! Love to all!

  2. Clarice

    Congratulations!! What a lovely family….ENJOY each minute! Thanks for shring with us via the farm!!!

  3. LOVE these pictures! How beautiful. ❤️

  4. I just looked at all the pictures of your family. Oh how I enjoyed seeing them and What a Blessing your little family is. God bless you all.

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