conversations with oscar

Marveling at how cute his new baby brother is…

Oscar:  My baby brother is adorabus.

Maggie:  What does that mean?

Oscar:  It means you love everybody.


Eating a cookie Auntie made…

Oscar: Maybe we can make cookies with memmies (M&Ms) in them someday.

Maggie:  Sure.

Oscar:  You have to take oil, sugar, eggs, and milk and mix it up.

Maggie:  Yeah…

Oscar:  And pour in some juice and memmies.  Then you put them in the oven and they grow up.


Looking forward to The Lego Movie being on DVD, he asks everyday…

Oscar:  What day is it?

Maggie:  Monday.

Oscar:  The Lego Movie will be everywhere tomorrow.  I’m so “sided”!



Oscar:  Mom, I love the way you are.


As I changed Henry…

Oscar:  When Henry was in your tummy, he didn’t have a diaper on.  He was aaaaaaall naked.  He was probably so frustrated.


At the end of a full day of swimming at Nana and Pops’...

Oscar:  When your fingers look like raisins, it means you’re done.



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