the routine

There isn’t much of a routine these days, but there are certain things you can count on each day…

You can count on lots of yawns.  Still pretty tired here, but making up for the fatigue with lots of snuggles.

photo 4photo 2

If you come by our house in the middle of the day, chances are we are all in our pjs.  First thing in the morning, Oscar will ask if we are going anywhere that day.  When I give my usual answer of  “no way” he requests to stay in his pjs.  Sometimes I make him put on actual clothes, but many days I don’t unless we actually make it outside to play.  There is also lots of Lego-ing going on these days, which is one of my favorites too.

ImageEvelyn wakes up and the amber teething necklace immediately goes on.  Not exactly sure what to believe, but I’m happy to have my happy girl back, so she keeps wearing it.


Henry receives approximately 592 kisses a day, mostly from his big brother.

photo 5

“It’s ok, Baby Henry.  I’m right here.”

Evelyn can typically be found by following the trail of random things she gets out and drops in the living room.


Even the smallest amount of tummy time results in this…

IMG_2920 IMG_2921

Oscar and I had a good gig of some special time together before Henry was born, while Evelyn napped…but given that those two are really good at the crazy game we like to call “nap tag”, those moments are hard to come by during the day sometimes.  Because of that, we sneak out for dates whenever we can.

photo 1

Each day is a little easier than the one before.  We have even made it outside some during the day, even when I’m home alone and Henry is awake, which does us all good (and I consider a major victory). Evelyn often brings me her shoes and signs and says “please”, so after having to turn her down for a spell, I’m thrilled to be able to ignore some of the things that need done and just enjoy being outside with them.

photo 2-1

Now I’m off to catch a few winks before we do it all again tomorrow!



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