conversations with oscar


Oscar:  I want to get some Batman Legos at the store.

Maggie:  Maybe someday.

Oscar:  Maybe when I’m bigger, like 83.


Commenting on the pacifier thief that is Evelyn Kate…

Oscar:  She is cheating Henry of his pacifier.


Playing with Legos, and hearing his brother start to cry on the monitor…

Oscar:  And…the crying starts.


Regarding his twin cousins being born…

Oscar:  The babies came out of Auntie’s tummy?  Whoa.


Looking forward…

Oscar:  When Evelyn, Henry, Esme, and June get bigger I can teach them all kinds of things.

Maggie:  Like what?

Oscar:  Like how to swim, and go off the diving board, and make armpit sounds.


Maggie:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Oscar:  A daddy.


Listening to the Despicable Me soundtrack on Spotify and “Happy” comes on…

Oscar:  Mom, this is your jam.


Looking at a super hero book…

Oscar:  …and that is Woman Wonder.

Maggie:  I think her name is Wonder Woman.

Oscar:  That’s what I said.


After I kissed him, and he rubbed his face…

Maggie:  Are you rubbing my kisses off?

Oscar:  No, I’m rubbing it in so it stays forever.


Possibly showing some controlling tendencies…

Oscar:  When I’m big like Daddy, I get to be in charge of the babies.


So thankful for this funny guy.  Such a good brother, and makes life so much sweeter.




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