climb, slide, repeat

In the last week, we’ve been twice with friends to an inside park at a nearby church.  With school back in session here, we’ve nearly had the place to ourselves both times.


First thing we get there, Oscar takes off, and I hardly see him the rest of the time except when he yells down to me, or the random time our paths cross (for one rough and tumble moment).

photo 2


There’s a little area just Evelyn’s size, which is nice, when I can get her to stay over there.

photo 1

Don’t worry, the diaper is good padding.  Plus she quickly stood up and cheered for herself.

Eventually she insists on trying to keep up with Oscar, which is cute but also exhausting because she’s a little small for the big kid part, especially when the place is packed.  Inevitably, she ends up over there and I end up following her through while wearing Henry, which is a little crazy, but I love seeing her adventurous spirit.  (but climbing and going down a slide with her, while wearing Henry is a little exhausting).

Last night we were able to keep the littlest ones in one section of the big part for a while (Thank you Sarah for playing goalie and helping corral her).  To say that Evelyn loved the bit of independence of going down the slide alone would be an understatement.

Henry snoozes away, the rest of us get some good exercise, and everyone sleeps well after.  I call that a win.  And we’ll be ready if there is ever American Ninja Warrior for tots.



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