conversations with evelyn

I love that she’s talking enough now to have a post like this for her!IMG_4042

Maggie:  Do you want some milk?

Evelyn:  Cookie?

Maggie:  How about some cheese?

Evelyn:  Cookie?



Evelyn:  two, two, two, two, five…yay!


Maggie:  Are you poopy?

Evelyn:  Ew-ee!


Pointing to the hole in my jeans…

Evelyn:  Oh!  Uh-oh!


As she picks up each foam letter in the tub…

Evelyn:  e, e, e, e, …


Poking at Henry during diaper changes…

Evelyn:  eye, bee-bo (belly button), eye, eye…


Asking to go outside multiple times a day...

Evelyn:  Side?  Side?  Shoes?


Following me through the house…
Mommy…are you?

Evvie, Peanut, Evvie Kate, Sister Sue, Evers, Little Mama…whatever you want to call her, she’s a hoot and I love seeing her personality come out more and more each day.



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