conversations with oscar

Not wanting his sister to dump water on him in the tub…

Oscar:  Mom!  Evelyn is trying to ruin me.


Wanting to give Henry a zerbert

Oscar:  Mom, does Henry have on a cutie? (what he calls a onesie)

Maggie:  Yes.

Oscar:  Why do you always put in him cuties?  I want to give him a zerbert on his tummy!


Not wanting to eat dinner…

Oscar:  This is a disaster.  (lays head on table)


Watching football…

Oscar:  Dad, what team do we want to win?


First thing in this morning…

Oscar:  I had a bad dream that Evelyn’s lips fell off.  I was so sad for her.


Working Nana…

Oscar:  Can I have some marshmallows?

Nana:  No, not right now.

A little bit later…

Oscar:  Nana, can I have some hot chocolate?

Nana:  Sure.

Oscar:  I really like marshmallows with my hot chocolate.


Randomly, in the car…

Oscar:  When I get bigger like Daddy, I’ll be a daddy, and I’ll be allergic to cats and dogs too.



Oscar:  Maybe we can get a pet on Tuesday.

Maggie:  Probably not, buddy.  Daddy is allergic.

Oscar:  I could get a fish.


Being so sweet…

Oscar:  I love all my babies.






One response to “conversations with oscar

  1. abbydennis

    I love all my babies! So good.

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