conversations with oscar

The other morning…

Oscar:  I had a dream about zombies.

Maggie:  How do you know what a zombie is?

Oscar:  I just know because I’m smart and I eat all my lunch.


Singing this song from Bible study, every morning when Henry wakes up…

Oscar:  Good morning God, this is Your day, I am Your child, show me Your way.


Eating  lo mein for dinner…

Oscar:  (puts hands behind his head)  This is the life!


Out of nowhere…

Oscar:  I know how to tell a lie.

Maggie:  What?

Oscar:  I’m not going to DO it, because I don’t want to get in trouble, but I know how to lie.


As I changed Evelyn’s diaper…

Oscar:  (giggling) I see Evelyn’s “buns line.”



Oscar:  I need a snack, because I’m so itchy.


This morning when he came into our room…

Oscar:  Good morning, Greg. Good morning, Maggie


Some of the random questions he’s asked me lately…

Why do we have fingers?

Why do we need tables?

Will you teach me something new?


As I was getting things ready to give Henry a bath the other night…

Oscar:  I want to give him a bath.

Maggie:  You can keep playing if you want, or you can help me.

Oscar:  I want to help you, because I’m going to be a good daddy when I get as big as Daddy.



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