conversations with oscar


Counting our cards after playing Memory…

Maggie:  Remember, win or lose, what’s important is…

Oscar:  That you have the most cards!


Talking about the upcoming holidays…

Oscar:  Christmas is Thanksgiving!


Anytime he recalls something from the past…

Oscar:  When I was a little kid…


Toward the end of a 7:00 movie date with his mother…

Oscar:  (scooting over toward my seat)  I’m being tired.


When I was so cold and quickly grabbed  a pair of hospital socks from the drawer…

Oscar:  I like your fancy hospital socks!


Commenting on his dad’s maroon jeans…

Oscar:  Dad, boys don’t wear purple jeans.

Greg:  Sure they can.

Oscar:  I think those are Mommy’s.


Talking about Christmas…

Maggie:  What are you going to ask Santa for this year?

Oscar:  A skateboard and a bow and arrow.

Maggie:  What about something a little less dangerous?

Oscar:  No, thanks.


After I took his picture on our chilly bike ride the other night…

Oscar:  Now take a video…


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