little mama

Evelyn is at the age where she copies everything she sees and hears.  I know Oscar went through this stage too, but we didn’t have a newborn in the house then, so I’m amazed to see her nurturing side come out so early.  We’ve called her Little Mama from the beginning, but it appears she’s taking that name pretty seriously.

Need some super adorable examples?

  • puts her toys in the baby swing, Bumbo, etc.
  • baby talks to Henry
  • puts stuffed animals and a diaper on the changing table daily
  • feeds and burps baby Elmo multiple times a day
  • climbs the changing table to talk to Henry at each diaper change
  • puts stuffed animals in her crib, then says “shhh” and walks out of the room
  • kisses baby brother approximately 926 times a day, give or take

IMG_4929IMG_4928She even tries to take care of Oscar.  Today she brought him his cup while he played computer, then told him thank you.  She also randomly will bring him one of his toys from their room.  It appears we have quite the thoughtful nurturer on our hands, which makes us pretty happy.



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