happy birthday, gg

We are so thankful that my grandma moved closer a couple years ago, and that she comes over every Wednesday morning.   She reads books to the kids, watches all their new tricks, and plays games for as long as they want to.  Sometimes, she even helps me tackle laundry mountain while we sip coffee and talk about recipes and the weather.  It is pretty easy to see why Wednesday mornings are our favorite.  IMG_3506 IMG_4835

It makes sense that we love Wednesdays so much, since some of my favorite memories include weekends with Papaw and Grandma.


This year, her birthday fell on a Wednesday so Oscar wanted to “make” her a party.  We got up early to bake brownies and make cards.  Both kids anxiously waited at the door long before her 9:30 arrival time.  (Evelyn might’ve even been crying for her GG)

After some playing, and the delicious vegetable soup she brought for lunch, we sang “happy birthday”, ate brownies, and gave her our cards.  It was a great day celebrating a great lady.

It is hard to say who enjoys these times the most, but I think I do.

IMG_4944 (1)

So today during nap time, I wear my papaw’s sweater, enjoy some tea, and thank God for incredible grandparents for myself and my children.





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