first snow

We got our first bit of snow yesterday.  Since we were all at church most of the day, we didn’t get to be out in it as it fell, but were all very excited to see it last night.  Evelyn’s excitement was super precious.  After this video she slipped twice in a row, but then clapped, stood up and yelled “snow” which of course just sounded like a happy “no!”

At a chilly 22 degrees, I only took the biggies out to play in it for a few minutes this afternoon, since it is predicted to get even colder tomorrow.

Bundled and ready to go!

In our short time outside, Oscar:

  • ran around like a puppy playing in their first snow
  • asked why there were still leaves on the willow tree, when it was going to snow more, and when we can go sledding on a big hill, about 10 times each
  • yelled “Merry Christmas everyone” a few dozen times while throwing snow in the air

Evelyn spent her time outside:

  • fascinated with the ice stuck to her mitt
  • happily making footprints (once she figured out how to walk in her snowsuit and boots)

IMG_4998IMG_4989 IMG_5000We spent about 10 minutes bundling up, and 10 minutes outside before this guy woke up, and we filed back inside.  IMG_5006IMG_5009


While bundling up babies is not my favorite thing to do, if it is going to snow I want it to SNOW.  So I say bring it on, until February, that is.



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