beautiful chaos

A friend shared an article recently, written to moms who are where I am right now.  A couple babies, a preschooler, and a whole lot of crazy going on.  I think I read it when I was up with Henry at 4:00 in the morning, and even in my sleepy haze, it got me thinking.

Life is crazy here these days.  Two under 2, an adventerous 4 year old, lots of toys and crumbs everywhere, and just about everything is sticky.  First thing in the morning, Oscar asks if we are going anywhere that day.  If the answer is no, it takes him about 1 second to convince me to declare it a pj day.  Many of my shirts are stretched out from being tugged on until I pick the tugger up.  Our house is insanely loud with all the laughing and crying (both real and fake) going on.


Chaos describes what it feels like some most days.

But it is also so beautiful.

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The biggies and I created a little reminder today to give thanks.  With Thanksgiving approaching, we’ve been talking lots about what we are thankful for.  Of course I’m thankful for healthy babies, and an incredible husband… but this year I am even thankful for chaos, because they won’t always need me like they do right now.  I won’t always get hundreds of (sometimes snotty) kisses a day, get to answer a million questions for inquiring minds, or stub my toe on a toy every 3 steps.


These days are equally amazing and hard, but beautiful chaos is where we are.  Its crazy, but I love it.  I’ve maybe lost some of my marbles along the way, but I don’t want to just hurry through to the next phase. 


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