a piano lesson and a picture book

This fella impresses me each day.  He’s such a thinker, and loves learning, which makes the teacher in me very happy.

Yesterday, we did a quick 5 minute piano lesson together.


1. Locate middle C

2. Identify all C notes

He was so proud of himself.  I love the little hop at the end.

Later in the day, he asked for some paper, and I assumed he wanted to mail a picture to someone.  I changed some babies, and upon my return, he told me he was writing a book.  I present to you “Police Gets the Bad Guy”.


You’d better believe this baby will go in the fireproof safe.  He already decided his next book will be a joke book.  Stay tuned for that one, although it will either be short (with his 2 jokes), or include some originals.


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