all you want (a day late) for christmas is a recap?


We had a wonderful Christmas day!  The kiddos all slept until around 7:30, which was a great start to the day.  I only made them wait about 15 minutes before opening presents, so I could finish up the cinnamon rolls and be over there to catch all the action.  Plus, all parents should torture their children a little on Christmas morning, right?

Because we are in full blown Lego obsession, we thought he needed a project.  This kid doesn’t sweat a little 301 piece project either.  He’s a Master Builder, for sure.

IMG_5544Santa must’ve agreed that he wasn’t quite ready for a skateboard, but he did meet the bow and arrow request.  Don’t worry grandmas, just suction cups.  His trophy-winning-archer-of-a-father is very excited about this one too.


He was excited about his Legos and bow and arrow, but this one brought our little guy the most joy.  He just kept saying, “What?  I can’t believe it!”


Evelyn enjoyed opening gifts much more this year, which was fun.


She only took a couple timeouts to feed and “shh” her baby.


Henry could hardly contain himself.



He was happier once we put him in his Christmas outfit.  Thanks, Mamaw!


In our rotation, it was the year to spend Christmas with my family, so after some time at home we loaded up, each kiddo picking one toy to bring along.  We only left a minor mess at home.  Sidebar, who runs out of trash bags on Christmas?  I’ll give you one guess.



We had a relaxing afternoon celebrating with Nana, Pops, GG, Auntie, Uncle, and the babies.  We even had extra goodies to celebrate a couple birthdays.  Also, Oscar has apparently made himself official “candle manager” which includes putting the candles in every cake through the year as well as helping to blow them out.

IMG_5631Today has been all about playing.  Legos, kitchen, babies, more Legos, and sticker books have been on a rotation and it has been great.

So thankful for a wonderful 2014, and looking forward to what 2015 might bring.



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