kitchen dance party

We love a good kitchen dance party in this house.  Seriously.  We’re in the kitchen lots and we all love music, so we dance in the kitchen, and often.  Also, 5:00 is a tricky time each day; therefore, it has its own playlist.  It works like a charm too.  For all of us.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 5.08.19 PM

We need more songs, so send suggestions my way!

Oscar knows how to use Spotify and will type in random things from time to time, like Batman (surprise surprise).  This pulls up all Batman movie soundtracks, which is mostly a bunch of Prince songs, but whatever.  They like to bust a move, and I can feed the baby and start dinner with no a little less chaos.

Oscar usually only dances until he notices me watching him.  Then he either looks at the floor and smiles or turns the dance party into a wrestling match.

Not Evelyn.  That girl dances like nobody is watching, though she really wants you to.  Out of all of her moves, this one is still my favorite:



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