conversations with oscar

About 100 times a day…

Oscar:  I’m hungry.


After climbing in our bed at 3:00 a.m. and before I sent him back to his bed…

Oscar:  (getting as close to me as possible, putting his arm around my neck) Mom?

Maggie:  Buddy, you need to…

Oscar:  I had a dream that I was a baby.  I was falling off a building and you caught me.  (inches even closer)

Maggie:  Do you want covered up?


Anytime Evelyn jabbers anything at him…

Oscar:  Evelyn, you’re not the boss of me.


He has me figured out…

Oscar:  You’re totally silly.  Like a thousand sillies.


Informing my grandma about the dangers of too much screen time…

Oscar:  GG?  If you watch screens all the time your brain will get mushy and you’ll forget your letters and numbers.

GG: Is that right?

Oscar:  Yep.  That’s what my mom says.


Almost 5 year old boys are totally awesome.  Like a thousand awesomes.

IMG_6262 (1)


One response to “conversations with oscar

  1. They are the best. You could just laugh at them all day.

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