conversations with oscar

When he hugged me and heard my stomach growl…

Oscar:  Whoa, Mom.  You’re hungry.

Maggie:  A little bit.

Oscar:  I’ll share my lunch with you.


Randomly, about once a day…

Oscar:  Mom?

Maggie:  What?

Oscar:  You’re beautiful.

Maggie:  Thanks, buddy. That’s very sweet.

Oscar:  (sweetest smile known to man)


Walking into the store with all 3 cherubs…

Oscar:  Mom, you’ve got your hands full.

Maggie:  Where’d you hear that?

Oscar:  They say that to you when we walk into church and Daddy is already there.


After Greg left for work the other day…

Oscar:  Did you know that I love my dad bigger than the Earth?


Driving down the road…

Oscar:  Wow!  Look at that vehicle!


Random comment in the car…

Oscar:  You’re already married to Daddy, so when I grow up I’ll marry Evelyn.


After using birthday money from Mamaw and Papaw to buy a new toy…

Oscar:  I’m going to keep this Bat-bot until I’m older than the universe… and play with it for the whole day of the galaxy.


Sharing his new toy and teaching Evelyn everything it does within 5 minutes of getting home…

Oscar:  I want to teach her everything I know, because I love her.

Maggie:  That’s sweet.

Oscar:  She’s a little bit crazy sometimes, but I love her.


As I tucked him in bed tonight…

Oscar:  Today I got to see Mamaw and Papaw, and I got to buy a new toy… what a special day!


So sweet.  So thoughtful.  So big.



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