conversations with oscar

Excited about his Optimus Prime Happy Meal toy…

Oscar:  I can’t believe I got Octopus Crime!

Maggie:  What’s his name?  Optimus Prime?

Oscar:  Yep.  Octomus Prime.


Buttering me up…

Oscar:  Mom… you’re adorable.


Telling me about his lesson at church…

Oscar:  Mom.  Paul and Silas went to jail.

Maggie:  Why?

Oscar:  Those guys didn’t like that they were telling everyone that Jesus wants to be their forever friend… but then they sang anyway and there was an earthquake…

Maggie:  Then what happened?

Oscar:  They got to be free!  Isn’t that so incredible?


Apparently, being polite is hard work…

Oscar:  Phew!  I’m so tired.

Maggie:  Do you want to lay down for a little bit?

Oscar:  No, I think I’ve just been using my manners too much.


Possibly the highlight of his baseball uniform…

Oscar:  I can’t believe I finally have a belt!


And he looks so doggone cute in his uniform, belt and all!  Looking forward to his first game this weekend!



One response to “conversations with oscar

  1. Sarah

    “Isn’t that so incredible?” That’s awesome.

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