crib jailbreaker

This just in: Evelyn can now escape her crib.  Oscar never climbed out, so we’re in uncharted waters in our house.  The main concern is that she climbs out of her crib and wants to get on the top bunk with her brother (which has me a nervous wreck).  She gets up there during the day, but I do not want her up there at night anytime soon. We plan to rebuild their bed, taking the crib out from the bottom bunk, and get her a twin mattress, at the end of this week.  The current solution is that both bigs are “camping” on the floor of their room.  Thankfully they both really like sleeping together, and this just means we have to take her back a few times (or just lay with her for a bit) instead of hoping she doesn’t climb up to sleep with Oscar.  Also thankful he’s such a good big brother to tolerate the current sleeping arrangement, though I think he likes it. Before this started, Oscar even snuck down a few nights, to sleep with his sister and a million stuffed animals.  IMG_0025 I recall this transition with Oscar.  It wasn’t exactly fun taking him back to bed a hundred times a night, but if we need to do it now so she isn’t climbing all over the place, then so be it.  I just hope some fun sheets and a big girl bed are enough to keep her on the bottom bunk so they aren’t “camping” forever. IMG_0284IMG_0285


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