conversations with oscar

Looking at a framed piece of art tonight…

Oscar: Is this representational or non-objective?

Maggie and Greg: (in unison) What?!?!

Oscar: Representational means it’s real.  See this (points to another frame) is non-objective.

Maggie:  Did you have art today?

Oscar:  Yeah.



Oscar: Can you hand me that crown?

Maggie:  Buddy, say crayon.

Oscar:  Cr-own.


After he drew a picture of us eating out, to ask me on a date…

Oscar:  Hang on.  Let me add more details to my drawing.

IMG_1685-1 IMG_1674

Last minute silliness before bedtime…

Evelyn:  I brush teeth.

Oscar:  Aaaaah!  My sister said “butt cheek!”


You know the baby needs a haircut when…

Oscar: Mom…you need to take Henry to the haircut store.


Driving down our street on a night when a lot of cars were parked outside…

Oscar: Wow.  There sure are a lot of cars in this village.


Some boy.  That’s for sure.



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